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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Host

I read Stephenie Meyer's book 'The Host' about four years ago. I'm not someone who enjoys reading. I have a very small attention span and end up reading through 2 pages and having to go back and re-read them again since I didn't pay attention. I also must have been one of the only people to not know who Stephenie Meyer was at the time of reading the book. 
In order for a book to keep me interested enough to read all the way through, it needs to be exciting and easy to picture in my imagination. In my life I have read a total of 6 books all the way through. So, I guess that says a lot about how many books can really keep my attention. 
When beginning 'The Host' I had the same expectations as I do with all books. I'll finish one chapter, then it will sit on my bookcase unread for the rest of time. Fortunately and surprisingly that did not happen. It so happened that once I was done the first chapter I couldn't put the book down. When I was reading the book the pictures came so easily and my imagination ran wild. Once finished, as with all 6 books that I had finished, I felt accomplished. Such a wonderful feeling to finish a book, and yet also so depressing that it is over. 
Last year they announced there was to be a movie about the book 'The Host'. I was so excited. Only 2 of the 6 books I had read had ever made it to a movie, and they did not disappoint. There are many reasons why it's exciting to see a book you've finished make it to the movie screen. I enjoy it cause I get to see first if it's true to the story, and second if my imagination did me justice. 

I've been to see the film and loved it. I feel they may have made it more 'P.G' and younger than needed, but they were true to the story. Better yet, my imagination was very close. I did feel like the caves were slightly more smaller and darker than in the movie. I don't feel the trailer did the movie any justice whatsoever. Were I to have not read the book, I most likely wouldn't have thought to see it. Personally however I was very disappointed with who they got to play Wanda in the last few scenes. I have watched the actress grow through 'Lemoney Snicket', 'Suckerpunch' and 'Sleeping Beauty', through which she looked beautiful. She did not look beautiful at all in 'The Host'. I was disgusted looking at the choice of actress as I see Wanda as a gentle beauty. 

I would highly suggest reading the book before seeing the movie, as you get a deeper emotional connection. I loved the book and the movie, and will be purchasing the movie once it's out. :)

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