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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bunny in my backyard

This afternoon my wild bunny friend came to pay me a visit. 

It was only this past year that I have moved here, and the animal life here was vastly different. I was previously living in a more busier part of town on the top twelfth floor apartment building next to the airport. The only animals that would ever pay me any notice up there were pigeons that would always fly away even if you were bringing them food. 
A favorite past time of mine is sitting by a lake or in a park and feeding ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, and even seagulls. I haven't been duck feeding at my favorite park in about a year. I used to take my expired bread products and stale crackers to feed the animals. 
When I decided to move after the wedding, we tried to find a slightly bigger place. The only thing nice and in our price range at the time was 20 minutes away. This part of town is still in development, but I'm really liking how much quieter it is. I haven't seen a single pigeon. I do however have a bird feeder, and get to see chickadees and other birds that I don't know the correct names of. 
Bird in the Backyard, summer 2012. Collecting nesting items for the nest beside our place.

Birds aren't the only difference. We now have bunnies. I tried planting a garden, but I think I planted it too late in the summer for anything to actually grow. It was either that or I just don't have the green thumb. However the bunnies never seemed to steal any of the tomatoes or strawberries. 
Early in winter I was making a lot of chicken pot pies, (My husbands favorite) and I ended up having a lot of carrots left over. Now this may gross out some people, but I still have them in my fridge. I save the bag for the bunnies. It's weird, I would've thought the carrots would be mushy by now, but they are still very hard, just a little dried out. Whenever I see the bunnies pass by, I run into my kitchen grab the carrots and throw them a couple. Bunnies are just so cute to watch nibbling on food, the sounds they make are adorable. 

Bunny in the yard, flash camera, march 2012

Bunny eating a carrot, flash camera, march 2012

The view from my backyard.

The land in my backyard and just a bit out is undeveloped. That's where they live, make their homes and have their babies. Sadly, in the next year to 3 years the city will be tearing down the landscape, and ripping up the trees to make more stores and buildings. I just hope I won't lose my wild bunnies. 

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  1. I think it's so cute that you get wild bunnies in your backyard! I'd love to have wild bunnies too but instead my backyard gets stray cats and pocket gophers! Luckily we get an array of beautiful birds too!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies and a new follower of yours!

    http://thedoilyduck.blogspot.com ... Come stop by sometime!


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