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Friday, March 1, 2013

Beginning your Wedding Journey

The First Steps

Once you begin your journey to getting married (and everyone who has done it knows this) it becomes a chaotic mess of ideas scrambled about and you really have no idea where to start. Well, there is no "best" answer for this. I began with a theme. However that's due to the fact that I knew I wanted a Christmas themed wedding. A wedding doesn't really even need a theme. It can be as organized or unorganized as you want it to be. But, it hopefully will be the last one you have so make it count!
I'm an organized person, so I used a book to organize my thoughts, ideas, people, invites, seating. Everything you need. I used the internet to browse through ideas as well, but unfortunately had no idea about Pinterest. Most likely I would have had nothing done were I to know about it then. 
Give yourself a budget you know you can afford and stick to it. Most people will spend WAY more than they first assumed they would, so keep that in mind. 
Personally I am frugal, love sales and can't justify spending much money. So I decided to budget myself and do as much as I could on my own. 
A lot of women who create their own wedding don't give themselves enough time to plan and complete all the high hopes and dreams they set out for themselves. 
I was one of them. I gave myself 1 year. As a housewife, you would assume that truly would be enough time to finish the process, and although it was a beautiful wedding, in my heart I know I would've liked to do so much more. 
Choose the things in the wedding you need to accomplish, then choose what you'd "like" to accomplish but don't need. After all that, choose what YOU want to do and what you will have others do for you. 
As a frugal bride, I wanted to do most of the things for myself. Decor, Bouquets, Jewelry etc. But the more I thought of the things I needed, the more the list grew. 

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