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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding the perfect dress

If you are anything like I was when I was about to be married, you are marathoning shows like "Say yes to the dress" or "Bridezillas". Well guess what? The obsession usually doesn't go away after the wedding. Yup, I'm still in love with wedding shows. Watching other people fail on "Bridezillas" allowed me to see other people's mistakes first hand so I could avoid them. 

So here are some tips I have for you on finding your perfect dress.

First off, give yourself time. Dresses can be taken in if you are dieting. Leaving your dress to the last minute can be deadly (hair falling out stressful!) Give at least 1 month for alterations. That includes taking it in, letting in out, hemming, extra beading.  Is it vintage? Used? Well give yourself at least another 3 weeks for cleaning once the alterations have been done! I left my dress almost last minute, I definitely didn't realize how much effort had to be placed into a wedding dress. 

Second thing, if you are going to bring people to your dress fitting make sure they want to come! Forcing someone, begging them or dragging them along will only result in them becoming annoyed and rushing you into a decision. Personally watching someone change in and out of a wedding dress for me is frightfully exciting! But not everyone thinks this way. 

Third, when shopping for your wedding dress it's best to have an appointment. Not only will the sales ladies give you more attention, but some places may not even allow you to shop. DO NOT wear makeup to choose your wedding dress or to a fitting. Cleaning a wedding dress can cost upwards of $200, do you really have this in your budget? It's best to wear your hair down. Your hair, no matter what you do will be tousled and ruined! So getting an updo in your gown before the fitting, not such a good idea! Listen, makeup and hair updos look the same in the dress as they do out of it! If you need to see the whole ensemble, try cropping pictures. 

Fourth, DO NOT let anyone pressure you or rush you. If that sales woman wants to make a sale, she will work with you till you are satisfied. If your bridesmaid, best friend or mother are getting bored, let them leave! The only opinion that matters is your own! Do I feel good in this dress. The sales lady is NOT someone to ask if you look good in that dress! She is trying to sell you on anything she possibly can, this is her job!

Fifth, bring a camera. It's always a good idea to take a picture in every single gown you try on, good or bad. Not only are they fun to look at after the wedding, but it's a good guide on what you are looking for. Sometimes looking in the mirror just doesn't capture exactly what you look like to others. If you think that large bow on your butt looks cute in the mirror, look at it again in a picture!

Six, remember this isn't the only dress shop. Go to many dress shops cause you may never know what you might find. 

Seven, know what you want. You don't have to know exactly what you want, but know key things. For example, I knew I wanted a princess dress. Crazy big and crazy extravagant. I thought, hey this'll be the only time I get to be a princess, milk it! I also knew I wanted a heart shaped bust and a corset back. 

Eight, wear a GOOD bra. If you are wanting to have a strapless gown, wear a strapless bra! If you want a backless gown get the boob tape! That perfect bra can help shape your whole upper body in the dress. Also, just for less embarrassment and better hygiene wear good panties. NOT thongs or g-strings. 

Last but definitely most important, stick to your budget! When I went shopping for my dress, I told the sales woman my highest point was $1000. The first dress she put me in I turned around to grab the tag and saw that it was $1500! I was angry! Don't let the sales woman pick out dresses that are over your budget cause if you can't afford it, but love it, you will regret it in the end. Remember this budget is only for the dress, there are many alteration fees and cleaning fees that come after choosing a dress. 

Here's my journey:

Not right at all!
A little sparkly and poof.

My cousin wanted me to have this one,  but I didn't want mermaid.

This was my choice. It was ruffly, princessy and had the heart cut top I wanted, just wasn't sparkly enough.

Sparkly belt sash.
I was very close to buying this dress. It was $1100, $100 over my budget and the sparkle belt was $150! My step mom, cousins and aunt told me they didn't see the spark in my eyes and that I shouldn't settle. So they took me to another bridal shop they had seen down the road. (I did not have an appointment for this shop). My aunt is very good with her words, so after some convincing she got the sales women to allow me to shop and dress myself.
This was the first dress I put on:

Shiny and sparkly!
Gorgeoud back sparkles.

This dress was already lower priced than all of the other ones in the first bridal shop we went to. 
"Wait! Look at this one, this is pretty." my aunt said.
Most of the dresses were not in my size so I was pretty sure the one she would show me was going to be too small. I looked at it and loved it immediately. It was my size! 

I felt like I was wearing "Belle's" dress from Beauty and the Beast. It had the perfect amount of sparkles, ruffles, body and shine. 
It didn't have the corset back, which I could live without! And it didn't have the heart shaped bust line. I got the dress altered with a heart shaped bust line and hemmed for $75. The dress of my dreams, at a place I never intended on going cost only $600! :)  

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